Report #1 – DUE MARCH 5
Write an autobiographical essay analyzing your experience of the course so far and recounting the development of your research topic. Explain the focus, methodology, and significance of your project, particularly as it relates to peyote religion and the Native American Church. Support your argument/narrative with specific evidence drawn from the assigned readings and from your reading and class notes. Append a working bibliography of relevant sources, annotating those items you have consulted, with citations formatted in an appropriate bibliographic style. Give your polished report an original and fitting title.

Report #2 – DUE APRIL 4
Write an autobiographical essay recounting the progress of your research project over the past month. Speculate on the organization of your final paper, being as specific as possible. Append an annotated bibliography of sources you have consulted, with citations formatted in an appropriate style. Give your polished report an original and fitting title.

Presentation – DUE APRIL 18/23/25
Prepare and deliver an oral presentation summarizing your research project:  eight to ten (8-10) minutes of extemporaneous comments, supported by a one-sheet handout (25 copies) bearing your name and project title.

Paper – DUE APRIL 30
Write a final paper documenting your research project:  three thousand (3,000) words of polished prose, supported by citations and bibliography in an appropriate style, with an original and fitting title.